How to be a Good Human

A humble social campaign put forth by Metacog Misfits, to help people be better humans to themselves and others.


Can we all agree that the world has lost its F*^K!NG mind?

Seriously though, our society of late has gone absolutely batshit. At Metacog, we think people have forgotten how to be good humans to themselves and one another.

We have to be kind and allow everyone to have their own opinions. We also need to think critically about EVERYTHING - not just the stuff that makes us uncomfortable.

Are you questioning the stuff that makes you feel good? Because you should. Sure, it feels good, but that doesn't mean it's helpful or what you need.

Prime example: Ice cream is fantastic but if you're lactose intolerant, it may not be the best for you. Yeah, it still tastes good, but you're about to call in sick and spend the rest of the day glued to the toilet.

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